For B&W processes operated by Splitgrade

No knobs are necessary on the control panel as all settings are done by operating the Splitgrade system. This version enables printing on VC papers as well as on fixed grade papers..

The working procedure is very comfortable, as described below:

  1. For focusing purposes switch on the white light by pressing one knob only on the Splitgrade.
  2. Determination of the settings for exposure time and paper contrast is done within seconds by scanning the light on the easel in the light and shadow areas.
  3. To expose the print you might choose between
  • Split exposure – Green and Blue light follows subsequent while the time ratio sets the contrast
  • Mixed light – Green and Blue light is switched on simultaneous, the paper contrast is set by the ratio of intensities.

The intensity of light output could be adapted to the print size in a range of 2 f-stops.
Switching on and off safe red light for paper positioning or prior to dodging is possible at any time. In addition you might start the exposure immediate out of  the safe light phase by actuating the foot switch.

Creative working processes are supported by Splitgrade und the LED cold light source – not prohibited as argued sometimes. The user might set or alter any type of main or burn in exposure even without using the light sensor for determination.

For B&W process using Splitgrade
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