SPLITGRADE® plus LED cold light source
The utmost comfortable printing tool!Splitgrade controller

The combination of both products SPLITGRADE + LED cold light source yields to an unexpectedly performance and printing options.

Not only, that you receive a pre-calibrated system for a wide range of multigrade papers. Exposing fixed grade papers is also possible.

For focusing purposes switch on the white light by pressing one knob only on the Splitgrade.

Determination of the exposure time and paper contrast is done within seconds by scanning the light on the easel in the light and shadow areas.

Then you have the option to print with mixed light (like with a traditional multigrade head) or with split light which is preferred by a lot of fine art printers.


In addition a shutter function is included, as the LEDs switch on and off within 1/100 of a second.

The red LED light can be switched on separate to position the paper and the easel or to position the dodging tool before you start the exposure with the foot switch.

Also you can dim the exposure light in a range of 2 f-stops according to the printing scale. This enables the same functionality as a neutral density filter.

Furthermore you have no creative limitation on any fine art printing technique!

To get this incredible system, please order
- SPL-C1
- One or several LED cold light source(s) of your choice

For B&W process using Splitgrade
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