TD RoentgenDensitometer TD
Inexpensive process control in x-ray film processing

Our TD densitometer is used since more than two decades for process control of medical X-Ray films.
Due to its solid construction and the long time stable electronic, the instruments need no frequent calibration or maintenance.

Instrument description
After power up by a wall power supply with exchangeable main
connectors the instrument could be used immediate. By pressing down the reading arm, the measurement display is switched on and an
opaque light with 3mm aperture serves for illumination of the film.
The density values are shown in reference to the fog of the film by using
a 3 digit LED display with 0.01 logD resolution.
The user is enabled to check the precise work of the instrument by
means of an attached calibration strip.

Available options

Option 03 USB 2.0 interface
Option 06 Extended resolution 0.001 logD
Option 07 Extended measurement range 6,5 logD especially for X-ray film used in  technical material inspection
Option 08 Four colour LED enables measurement either with red, grenn, blue or white light

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