Dust detector

With our new dust detector, dust becomes visible like stars in the night sky. It is a useful tool to detect dust on negatives, as well as on negative carriers.

The dust detector supports the user in removing specks of dust on these components and considerably lessens the time spent retouching the final image.

With the help of directional light, dust particles literally light up. This makes the precise removal of individual dust grains very easy.Due to its wheels, the dust finder can easily be moved over all areas of a negative. This convenient feature is especially useful for working on large-size negatives.

A wall plug power supply is included in the scope of delivery. Independent of it´s light weight of 300 gramm,
the unit is build really stable.

Benefits for the user

  • Secure and fast dust detection.
  • Both, the negative and the carrier are cleaned at the same time.
  • Less effort on print retouching.
  • 3 compact models for different negative sizes available.

Technical data
•    Power supply: 12V DC.
•    Wall plug power adapter is included in the scope of delivery.
•    Light source: LED cold white 6000 Kelvin.
•    Weight of 4x5 inch version: 0.3 kg.

Dust detector

Dust Detector
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