Pin registration system

Special working techniques require special and high-precision tools.
Our pin registration system is such a tool and is used for unsharp masking while enlarging analogue photos.
Unsharp masking increases the acutance of images. This is done by increasing the contrast at the edges. This has been known since the 1930s.
Here is a link to scans of photos enlarged with unsharp (blurred) masking

More detailed work technique

To compose an analogue print, a blurred mask is produced from the negative by a contact copy onto a sheet film. The negative and the mask are placed in the negative carrier and are then enlarged.

The alignment of the negative and the mask requires great precision while creating the mask, and while positioning the negative and the mask into the negative carrier.

Alignment is achieved by punching small holes in the unexposed edge of the negative and mask. These holes fit accurately to
1/100 mm metal pins, which are worked into the image stage and the contact copy frame.

A complete system consists of three parts: The film punch is supplied by Heiland electronic. The modification of the negative stage and the production of the contact frame are carried out by Maxim Bedov, one of the initiators for the system’s new design. We will be happy to provide to you his contact details

Benefits for the user

  • Increased image quality
  • Improved contrast control
  • Exclusive picture language
  • Precise tools simplify the process
  • Available for negative sizes up to 20x24 inch

Film punch

Pin registration system
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