New videos presented by Tim Layton

We would like to thank Tim Layton, USA.

In a number of very appealingly produced video contributions he presents both basic and professional working techniques in the classic SW photo lab.
Here you will also find some contributions about our Splitgrade System.

Please support Tim in his valuable work by subscribing to his video channel or attending one of his workshops.

Splitgrade Workshop
For new splitgrade users, Silvergrain Classics Academy is offering a workshop on April, 1st 2023. More information and registration at


Video LED cold light source
Here you can see a short video clip about the principle of how our LED cold light source replaces the halogen lamp and filters in the enlarger.

Convenient print documentation

Courtesy of our customer Mitch Weiss you can download a PDF he created to document print settings when using our Splitgrade and LED cold light source.

Splitgrade Software Release 3.9L
A bug in the test strip application has been fixed in the current Splitgrade software 3.9L. We thank all customers who helped us with their feedback.

Book launch

Dear Customers,
Christopher Osborne is an enthusiastic Splitgrade user and has written a superb book titled

The Heiland Splitgrade Controller
               Made simple!

You can order this direct at https://shop.silvergrainclassics.com/cat/index/sCategory/3758

We are sure that both - new and experienced - users will discover new possibilities of Splitgrade and use our unique device even more effectively.

Highly recommended!

New Splitgrade software 3.9
In the new Splitgrade software 3.9, corrections have been made in the calculation of gradation and exposure time. This is especially interesting for users of our LED cold light sources. Furthermore, these changes have a positive effect when negatives with very low or very high contrast are enlarged.

Article in SilvergrainClassics

Here you can find an interesting article by Christopher Osborne in the online section of

A set of new darkroom products is available
The sunny weather this summer has not stopped us from designing 5 more darkroom products, which have also been initiated by suggestions from our customers.
We are looking forward to your interest in these new products

Workshop in China

Perfectly organised by our distributers Zhang Yibin and Yi Lang we carried out a successful workshop about Heiland products in April 2019 at Hangzhou, China. Please click the symbol to get some impressions.

The ultimate enlarger from Wetzlar
The world's first enlarger for a negative size up to 20x24 inches.

LED cold light source tested successfully by Ilford

Company Illford (HARMAN technology Ltd.) tested our LED cold light source in March 2017. Please read the report.

New darkroom light available
Our unique darkroom light ensures high visibility in your darkroom. Click here for further information.