Press releases about our photo products

Photo Techniques May/June 2001,
Test Report Heiland Splitgrade by Bob Shell:
“.... It´s important to note that the Heiland  Splitgrade in no way interferes with creative printing. It´s a tool that gets you the perfect print – or one very close – the first time without wasting time or paper. ...”

LPP News / The Society for Leica Users, December 2000
“... The appeal to me is not so much that the system uses “splitgrade” procedures to produce a print, but the fact that each negative is densitometrically analysed, which takes practically all the guess work out of printing. ....”

Leica Photography International, 2000#1
Equipment review by Erwin Puts:
“... The use of the split-grade is simplicity itself. It produces prints of superior quality which are difficult to match doing it be experience or trial-and-error. Every negative is densitometrically measured and matched to the grade that gives full tonality and maximum black....”