A shapely designed luminaire with a total length of one meter enables even illumination of darkrooms for colour and B&W purposes.

The dimmer and the rocker switch enables to adjust the intensity and light colour.
The combination out of red and yellow light ensures both, secure orientation and comfortable work in your darkroom


  • The tubular design results in homogeneous light propagation.
  • The safelight can be tilted, thus enabling wall and ceiling mounting.
  • No need for lamp replacement.
  • Secure and bright red light at 630nm wavelength for B&W processes.
  • Dimmed yellow light at 590nm enables handling of colour papers.
  • Adjustable intensity according to your application needs.
  • LEDs guarantee immediate switching on and off and a long term stable light output.
  • A 12V DC power supply ensures

Darkroom safe light for color
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