Small LED safelight

This LED safelight is designed for usage close to the enlarger, as well as for small darkrooms, e.g. a darkened bathroom.

The LED safelight is the small counterpart to our extremely popular and 1m long rod-shaped LED safelight.

This luminaire generates red light for safe working with all multigrade papers.

The intensity is slightly higher than that of the well-known llford SL1 safelight, equipped with a 15W lamp. In comparison, the LED safelight emits pure red instead of orange light, and only consumes 1W.


  • Bright and safe illumination of the workplace around the enlarger
  • LEDs guarantee long-term stable light
  • No bulb replacement necessary
  • Monochromatic red light with a wavelength of 630nm
  • The 12V power supply guarantees electrical safety, even in wet areas
  • Attractive design
  • Optional voltage converter available for supply with a USB power bank

LED safelight small

Small safelight
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