Splitgrade Paper Flasher

With this Splitgrade accessory, high negative contrasts can be managed more easily, and details in the lights are improved without significantly affecting the shadow details.

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The light source is installed near the lens or on a lens cap and connected to your Splitgrade system via an adapter.

Now you can pre-expose photo paper in certain areas or completely without removing the negative or you can use a suitable mask to expose a black border.

With the green pre-exposure the photo paper can be sensitised in the lights without fogging the paper. To determine the correct exposure, a test strip mode is built into the Splitgrade software. The following exposure immediately produces a visible tone on the paper even in the darkest negative areas. This technique can be applied either to the entire image or by suitable masking in certain areas.


  • The negative does not have to be removed for pre-exposure or post-flashing
  • Easy installation
  • Homogeneous, diffuse light source with 4 green LEDs
  • Available for existing Splitgrade systems from series 03 onwards
  • Always ready to use, since non-battery operated
  • Integrated test strip menu

Splitgrade Paper Flasher
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