A add on tool to your SPLITGRADE® system

Convenient control of exposure time, grade and burn in time functions through the usage of rotary knobs with rest stops and large red LED displays.
By pressing the rotary knob, either you switch on the focus light or start the exposure time.

Using the implemented LED segments of a zone scale, you pre-visualise the approximate tone value of any area inside the final print in reference to the brightest and darkest areas. This feature enables the placement of tone values even in prints without highlights or shadows. A really helpful tool in printing high-key or low-key negatives.

SPLITGRADE® COMFORT is connected to the existing controller via the COM1 port and is equipped with a socket for the foot switch. So you may place the COMFORT unit in front of your working place, controlling daily work with it. For all other functions like changing the paper or film setting use the controller as usual.

Here you can download a greyscale strip (© C. Osborne)  for the greyscale display.

Splitgrade Comfort
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