Splitgrade V35SPLITGRADE® filter automatic
The full version of our system.

A motorised filter module - individually build
up to fit to your enlarger - serves to automate  the following functions:
•    White light
•    Shutter
•    Grade setting or filter change

As individual as the enlarger have been build all over the world, so individual are our solutions. In the past decade we create a set of solutions for more than 30 enlargers, light sources and electronic interfaces. We adapt the SPLITGRADE® system perfect to your enlarger.

How the automated filter change eases your work
1. While switching on the focus light, all filters are removed.
2. Scan the negative by passing at least the light and shadow areas.
3. While switching off the focus light, the shutter is closed and a suggestion for the exposure time and paper grade is calculated. Of course, you may alter these values.
4. Start the exposure, SPLITGRADE selects the appropriate filters and controls the shutter, thus enabling even shortest exposure times through the yellow or magenta filters.

Expandable system
In case you are exchanging the enlarger or install a second one in your darkroom you may hold and use the existing controller further on, only another filter module is necessary.