Release: 3.9K

Download the user manual as well as the software history (PDF).
Check if the new software release is of interest for you. Please read our Software License Agreement before you continue.

For the update JAVA version 8 or higher must be installed on your computer.

For MAC-OSX operating systems please switch off the gatekeeper function temporarily. Furthermore we strongly recommend to remove the partly pre-installed FTDI driver AppleUSBFTDI.kext. This is possible with the software AppZapper, among others.

Then install the driver for the USB port of your splitgrade or for the required USB-to-serial converter when using older Splitgrade models with a COM port. To avoid difficulties with the driver installation, we recommend to use a converter with FTDI chipset in this case.

Finally download the launch file and start the update process by a click to that file which is located in the download section of your computer.