Squame ScanSquameScanTM 850A
Rapid determination of stratum corneum
protein content on tape stripping

The SquameScanTM 850A reduces the measuring time to a few seconds per tape strip, consequently saving costs. Additionally the tape strip can be used subsequently for any other bioassay.

The instrument is designed to indirectly measure the stratum corneum (SC) protein content on tape stripping like D-Squame® or Corneofix®. The measured value is translated into protein content by using a simple transfer function y= a*x –b.

The SquameScanTM 850A is equipped with an USB port to transfer the data to a Windows®-Application enabling efficient documentation and analysis of studies.

Compared to the equipment for colorimetrical determination, the SquameScanTM 850A has several advantages like low price, compact dimensions and easy handling.

SquameScan 850A
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