Densitometer for usage in the zone system.

The TRD Z acts as a electronic zone ruler, thus replacing subjective estimation with objective measurement. Any logarithmic density value is assigned to the appropriate zone range, which eases the interpretation of the density measurement.
This instrument is very valuable while calibrating papers and films according to the zone system.

A short description of functions
By using two buttons 'MIN' and 'MAX' you set the density range of a given paper, thus adapting the range from zone X to zone 0 to your paper.
Any subsequent measurement within a print will result in a display with a resolution of 1/10 zone, e.g. a tone value close to mid grey might result in a display of zone 5.3.
While measuring films, separate modes are provided for each of the developing variants: "N" (normal); N+I; N+II; N-I; N-II. The slope of each individual characteristic curve is taken into account by the densitometer. The display resolution is also 1/10 zone and has to be adjusted to the fog plus base of the negative by pressing the button 'MIN'.
Off course, you might switch the display to logarithmic density mode at any time.

Options for TRD Z densitometer
Option 02    Exchangeable apertures
Option 03    USB port
Option 05    Measurement range is extended to 5.5 logD
Option 06    Extended display resolution (0.001 logD)
Option 07    Measurement range is extended to 6.5 logD
Option 08    Multicolour LED creates red, blue, green or white transmission light

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