Two Flash MaskTWO FLASH MASK - Mark II
Automatically creates silhouetted images with which to create photographic masks

Using 2 studio flash lights and our novel TWO-FLASH MASK controller, you will speed up the process of background separation with sequential flash operation. Compared to the FREEMASK system almost any studio flash light might be used. Connection is possible by wireless flash release or also by wires.

How it works
The object or model is placed in front of a plain background. TWO FLASH MASK acts as a sequencing switch and is connected to the camera and at least two studio flash lights. One studio light illuminates the model from the front, the second, lights the background, i.e. it illuminates the model indirect.
The photographer takes two shots in rapid succession. TWO FLASH MASK triggers the studio lights in sequence – one for the first shot and the other for the second shot. The second image shows the silhouette of the model. To create a mask, the image is converted to monochrome and the contrast increased.

That is all to create a mask to separate the background!

Here you will find short videos demonstrating the system
- How-to video - Mark II
- Product presenation - Mark II

- Masking procedure by using GIMP software


Two Flash Mask

Two Flash Mask
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