Shutter analyser

We created a compact analyser for test purposes of iris shutters.

The system was initiated and purchased by company Jos. Schneider GmbH (Kreuznach Germany) and is used in service as well as in production.

        Shutter1                      Shutter2                  Shutter3

The shutter analyser is capable of testing mechanical shutters Copal 0 to Copal 3 as well as the new range of Schneider electronic shutters according to the standard DIN19015.
Through its compact size and a carrying case, the system might be used for mobile services also.

In addition to the hardware and firmware of the shutter analyser, we also created a  software according to customer demand. The software visualises not only the measured shutter times, but also the timing diagram of the shutter and X-contact. The test results are organised by the serial number of the shutter and could be printed, stored and read back.

A reference light source for calibration purposes is also in the scope of delivery.